Supervision of the works for Conservation and revitalization of the cultural – tourist site St. George – Staro Nagorichane

The objective of this assignment was the supervision of the Works Contract Activities for the project “Conservation and revitalization of the cultural – tourist site St. George – Staro Nagorichane”, including works of conservation, renovation and adaptation of the church complex and construction of supporting facilities, ensuring adherence to international standards -Contract administration and management – Design review – Site supervision – Activities during the Defect Liability Period – Reporting

Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Fund for National and Regional Roads in Elaborating a Road Investment Plan

The objective of the project was to enhance the social and economic development through improved transport infrastructure, by elaborating an investment portfolio for both national and international funding parties taking into consideration the environmental impacts and improving the management capacities of the national authorities. Execution of the project forsaw short-listing of potential road projects, detailed analysis of each short-listed project, evaluation and ranking of proposed projects plus elaboration of Investment Plan.

Field Research for the documentation of baseline indicators concerning a) travel time refuction in specific parts of the road network b) reduction of time control for vehicles at specific entry and exit points c) energy efficient in the corss boarder area between Greece and FYROM under Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2014-2020

The objective of this project is the establishment of baselines related to energy efficiency issues, travel time reduction and border crossing travelling time, in theGreece – FYROM cross border area . Work included detailed preparation, implementaion and calculation of base indicators.

Preparation of Study and Action plan for improvement of road safety along SEETO Comprehensive Network in FYROM

Promoting road safety and sustainability as a key objective in the planning and desiging of road traffic systems, in order to provide larger ratio between the invested resources and savings from reducing the number of accidents and their consequences. Work icluded the preparation of a Study and Action plan for the improvement of road safety along the SEETO Comprehensive Network.

External observer in the works tender evaluation in FYROM

The objective of the assignment was to observe the regularity and the conformity with the Practical Guide to Contract procedures for EU external actions of the above evaluation and contributing to successful tendering procedure.

Drafting Tender Documentation for Support of Investment Activities in Providing Better Living Conditions for Displaced Persons of Concern

The objective of the contract was to prepare a Detailed Design including Technical Specifications and Bill of Quantities for the Works Contract “Supporting investment activities for providing better living conditions for displaced persons of concern (Local integration of refugees, internally displaced persons and minority groups)”, according to the requirements and rules of the European Commission. This entailed assess of current situation, compilation of a high quality Detailed Design and provision of technical assistance during the tendering phase

Preparation of engineering services and tender documentation for construction and upgrading police stations for state border security

The contract aimed at assisting the Ministry of Interior in the preparation of tender documentation for the renovation / construction/re / upgrading of 10 border stations’ buildings, in line with the contract procedures for EC External Actions (PRAG) as well as facilitating the tendering and evaluation process with the preparation of responses to technical clarifications.

Technical Assistance to Market Surveillance

The overall objective of the project was to provide support to national institutions in order to meet requirements of the acquis communautaire and the WTO. The project focused on simplifying, modernizing and liberalizing the legislation regulating market surveillance, consumer protection, product safety, and free movement of goods by providing support in the implementation of the Law on the State Market Inspectorate, improving institutional and technical capacity by focused training andincreasing public awareness on the newly introduced rules.