Construction Management is meant as managing the complex process that formulates our built environment (roads, bridges, buildings, industrial facilities, etc.). It is vital for the successful outcome of an infrastructure development project, putting in order the required resources (labour, materials, equipment, time and money) and translating the concept of the project owner and the designers’ work into tangible results.

We undertake the construction management and supervision of small, medium and large scale infrastructure projects, for both public and private investors, in a variety of sectors such as transport, buildings and other civil infrastructure, energy and environment, ensuring our clients’ targets on quality, cost and schedule.

Staffed by experienced construction managers who bring along all necessary specialties and capabilities, and supported by all relevant monitoring & control procedures, tools and systems, we offer a full range of high value pre-construction and construction management services, covering the following:

Pre-construction Stage

  • Project planning, including the development of preliminary work programme and cost plan, and the establishment of a management and coordination structure;
  • Procurement and contracting strategy;
  • Designs’ review and value engineering;
  • Review of the tender documents for the construction;
  • Review of the analytical Bill of Quantities (BofQ);
  • Support and advise during the procurement and tendering process for the award of the works and supplies contract(s);
  • Advice to Clients regarding risks and insurance of the construction stage, as well as regarding his statutory duties, particularly with regard to health, safety and the environment.

Construction Stage

  • Monitoring contractor(s) performance against statutory requirements and contractual obligations;
  • Conduction of daily on-site inspections;
  • Identification of damages and defects and supervision of their removal;
  • Certification of quality of materials and workmanship;
  • Review and technical approval of invoices;
  • Maintenance of cost records;
  • Monitoring and control of the analytical works schedule and the detailed cost plan; initiation of action in the event of deviations from the agreed ones;
  • Regular progress reporting to the Client;
  • Support of the variations and claims management;
  • Support of the dispute resolution process;
  • Quantity surveying (as built) of all materials, products and systems;
  • Monitoring and coordination of the inspection, testing and commissioning procedures;
  • Advice and assistance to the Client on arrangements for phased handover of the Project, and on the logistics of taking possession of the Project;
  • Collaboration, as necessary, with the third parties involved in the Project (e.g. financing entities, public authorities, designers, insurance companies, lawyers, etc.) in order to plan, monitor and supervise their duties;
  • Support in the completion of the project and closure of the contract(s) (obtain warranties and guarantees, agreement of final accounts with contractors, rectification of defects during the defect liability period, classification and electronic filing of as-built drawings and documents, etc.);
  • Advice and assistance to the Client on the preparation of maintenance and service schedules, and on the procurement of suitable maintenance Contractors;
  • Advice to the Client on managing the maintenance of the facility.