The broadest sectors of the economy are those involving the operation of retail networks and the exercise of commercial activities with consumers or other businesses, keeping a pivotal role in the execution of transactions and the circulation of economic flows among large parts of the population.

On the other hand, the current economic situation and the emergence of factors that may fundamentally alter the underlying business model of retail and commercial activities, drive specific needs of sector actors, mostly in the direction of:

  • New transaction channels and methods development (e.g. e-commerce, mobile payments)
  • Adaptation to the effects of globalization (e.g. response to new customers and competitors, reconfiguration of supply chain)
  • Rationalization for cost efficiency in times of reduced demand, as a result of recession (e.g. physical network consolidation, mergers and acquisitions, cost cutting)

Services that support sector actors to address such challenges include primarily:

PLANET has been actively involved in retail and commerce sector engagements to support in the above context enterprises as well as other entities (e.g. associations) in Greece and abroad, while our internal capabilities are significantly strengthened through the collaboration with prominent sector experts (local and international), as well as leading advisory and other professional services firms.