The defence and security sector is in a transitory phase as the global financial crisis has affected budgets and major conflicts of the past decade come gradually to a closure. The public sector under fiscal pressure is undertaking major restructuring initiatives in order to create more lean structures. Defence procurement is changing as states adopt affordability as the main criterion for selection of systems. Furthermore, the creation of the single market for defence products in the European Union is changing the competitive landscape in Europe and beyond. Defence companies face more pressure than ever to improve productivity, reduce costs, increase transparency, and respond to increasingly complex government regulations and oversight.

In this context of a challenging economic and business environment, the two main actors in the sector (government and industry) are looking beyond consolidation. The public sector is adopting more efficient management processes both in the logistics and frontline systems seeking greater programme performance and organizational effectiveness. The defence companies are rebalancing their product portfolios seeking new growth opportunities either by developing new products and differentiating away from the core, towards service provision or commercial applications and by entering new markets. The ability to identify and anticipate demand for new products and services, often driven by new technologies, is a clear differentiator in the sector. In the emerging countries defence companies continue to exploit their lower cost base and seek to enter into more sophisticated subcontracting agreements with the leading manufacturing corporations.

PLANET has accumulated considerable expertise and valuable insights of the strategic political and the decision making process from major projects in Greece and in S.E. Europe delivering sustainable solutions based on our industry knowledge and the implementation skills of our consultants.

As a  result of the above, PLANET has developed a deep understanding of the current processes in the sector supporting both governments and industry to transform and deliver commitments through pragmatic solutions that offer value for money. We bring together teams with the right expertise and practical experience to challenge conventional thinking and sustainable results with lasting impact.

On the Government side we offer expert advice on:

  • Strategic planning and reform implementation
  • Organizational change
  • Logistics management
  • Procurement modernization including e-procurement
  • Structuring of PPP solutions
  • Technical Specifications for security and communications systems

On the Industry side we offer consultancy services on:

  • Market potential evaluation and guidance
  • Business plans and Restructuring
  • M&A preparation and implementation
  • Participation in PPP defense projects