As a result of fiscal reform, deregulation or as a consequence of implementation of a “leaner” state structure, governments are implementing large scale or case specific privatization initiatives for property that includes corporate shareholdings, real estate or rights that comprise state assets.

The privatization life cycle includes distinct phases as follows:

  • Asset opportunity sizing and enabling
  • Investor attraction, selection and contracting
  • Change of control and transition into new ownership status

Across all of the above phases there are generally four key capabilities required:

  • Business/technical advisory
  • Financial/Transactional advisory
  • Legal/Regulatory advisory
  • Project management and integration

The above capabilities are needed from both sides of the privatization transaction:

  • “sell” side, ie government
  • “buy” side, ie private investor

Depending on government or private investor needs, we may undertake support across all privatization life-cycle in a project management/integrator role as well as advisor role providing all required capabilities internally or in collaboration with leading international or local partners.